Neutral and warmed showcases, electric salamanders, toasters


We design and manufacture professional catering equipment
Our range of products consist of neutral and warmed showcases, warming plates, pizzawarmers, bainmaries, refrigerated showcases, drop-in equipment, glass ceramic cooking, electric convection ovens, electric salamanders, fryers, toasters, drinks dispenser, knives sterilizer.

All products are made with special care both for aesthetic and technology. Particularly the equipment for showing food products makes these real contemporary furniture that can give a touch of style to any environment.

The quality of materials and components along with the wide use of stainless steel that is synonymous with strength and hygiene are the strengths that distinguish our equipment and are its quality assurance.   

By studying the equipment,  we look for  the maximum reliability, higher performance and a fair cost-benefits analysis, as the result of great experience and continuos acquiring of information and expertise.